Marc Woodland BSc( HONS), Ph.D


Microbial Biochemist/Molecular Biologist.


London UK



I was  trained as a Microbial Biochemist and spent most of my career doing research within British universities. Much of this was directed to Biodegradation of Xenobiotics (‘foreign compounds’), Enzymology of bacterial methane oxidation, DNA Sequencing and the like.  However since a young child I have always counted music as my principal hobby.

Of course one had to play the electric guitar  but I quickly realised that was going nowhere without proper tuition so I studied classical guitar for a number of years and got to be quite good.  Much later on I travelled to North India  and brought back a sitar. I had not paid much attention to  Indian mysticism and music which was pervasive during the ‘hippy’ era so I was a bit of a late comer. However a friend’s partner, Max Furry, a Swiss-German who had long been into Indian culture suggested I contacted Clem Alford,( a highly acclaimed, professional  sitarist who had studied, and qualified in India.

After  a  year or so with Clem he moved on but  suggested  I took lessons at the Bhavan Institute, South Kensington,London, UK ( where I was lucky enough to be taken on by  Vijay Jagtap.  Pressures of jobs and family life meant that after a couple of years I stopped going

I had always loved the sound of the surbahar  and  about 3-4 years ago I had the chance to purchase one. I contacted my old mentor Vijay Jagtap ( it transpired he played the surbahar as well  but he kept his instrument at home in India  as “no-one has the time for this style anymore”  He took me on  and I never looked back. I cannot recommend Vijay enough.

The Recordings:  All  the recordings on the site, so far were recorded via a standard USB  microphone  plugged into  a  MacBook Pro, minimal editing was done using  Audacity ( effects; Noise Removal, and a hint of reverb. Recording ‘sessions’ were conducted in my lounge. Given that they aren’t too bad.Bharavi & Todi are the best.



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