The surbahar is a relatively rare instrument these days, consequently it can be time consuming to access all  the information an aspiring player might need. Do not get me wrong I’m not a professional, (there are probably less than a dozen anyhow),  and I don’t claim to ’know it all’. Much of the information is out there already on various sites and in certain books but what I would like to do is to assemble it here and add some  thoughts of my own.

In short the overall aim of this site is to promote interest in the surbahar , provide some useful information and possibly facilitate contact between aficionado’s of this magnificent instrument.

It may look like a sitar but there are a number of notable differences !

(I am available for ‘gatherings’, concerts as well as for teaching of the surbahar and basic sitar techniques. Email me for details)

For examples of my recordings please go to the  RHS of  the “AboutMe” page. Click here

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